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Server Maintenance - All Servers


Server Maintenance - All Servers


All servers will be coming down at 4:00PM EST for a maintenance to improve server stability. We apologize for the short notice. We anticipate all servers to be back online by 7:00PM EST.

We apologize for any inconvenience this maintenance causes. Thank you for your patience!


All servers are now online. Welcome back!





Game Update 1.0.6 - All Servers


Game Update 1.0.6 - All Servers

As previously announced all North American servers will be brought down at 6:30AM EST to begin the deployment of Patch 1.0.6. Oceanic servers will follow at 9:00AM EST. We anticipate all servers to be online by 1:00PM EST.

1.0.6 is an exciting update, be sure to check out all the changes and as always stay tuned to the Herald for the latest news and information!


1.0.6 Testing is Over

午前中のうちにすべてのBoardが書き込みできなくなっていたTester ForumでMythicのJamesさんが1.0.6のテスト終了と謝辞のコメントを書きこんでた。

Hi all,

Firstly we'd like to thank you for your feedback and contributions. We had a great turnout and with your help have made some great changes with 1.0.6.

Two new careers will join the ranks of WAR tomorrow morning, as will a host of needed changes to every other career in the game. We've also picked up additional feedback to think about for the future as we continue to make the game even better every day.

We hope you've enjoy your testing experience and will join us again when we prepare for testing 1.1 coming just around the corner.

Until then, have fun and enjoy the fruits of your hard work...WAAAGH!!!

James Nichols
Community Coordinator
Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning


Fortress crashes/performance issuesについて社長のコメント

Fortress攻めてるとServerが落ちちゃう問題その他についての VN Boardの社長のコメント


Here's a quick update on where things stand as of this evening:

1) Patch 1.0.6 is looking good for going LIVE tomorrow.


2) The fix I talked about last week that will improve overall client performance in RvR, especially in high traffic situations, *may* go LIVE tomorrow. It involved a major change to the client and we need to be 100% sure that that we don't make some things better but at the same time, make some things worse with this change.


3) We hope to have a fix to the major issue that is causing fortress crashing going either to the PTS this week and/or possibly rolled out to one or two commercial servers this week as well for testing this week as well. As above, this also involved a significant change (but this time to the server) so we need to be a little bit more careful than usual before it's rolled out to all the LIVE servers.

Server側の修正も大きかったので慎重にPTSで今週テスト、それと2個ぐらいのLiveServerに先行導入してテストしてから全Live Serverに入れる。

4) I hope to be able to post tomorrow going into a little bit more detail about the influence system that we hope will go LIVE with 1.1. FYI, 1.1 is still looking good for going LIVE this month. It can still be pushed back of course but it's still on track as of today.

明日、1.1に入れるInfluence systemのもう少し詳しい事を投稿したい。1.1は今月導入予定。

And no, I don't ignore threads once they get to a certain point but I do tend to stop commenting in them unless I have something useful to say. There is no point in simply saying "it's coming soon" again and again.



社長がVN Boardで1.0.6について書いていた。このThead。


With 1.0.6 ready to go tomorrow, here are the highlights of the patch. The full patch notes will be on the Herald shortly after I post this message. FYI, the patch notes are 23 pages of patchy goodness.

1) New Careers Released! With this version we are happy to announce the release of the Empire’s Knight of the Blazing Sun, and the Dark Elf’s Blackguard! These new careers are available early for players who have successfully completed the Heavy Metal Event!


2) Mastery Refunds – Due to a number of significant changes to many of our careers, provided a full mastery refund to certain careers. Players who belong to one of the careers below will need to speak with a Trainer to retrain their Career Mastery: Black Orc, Bright Wizard, Chosen, Engineer, Ironbreaker, Magus, Shadow Warrior, Sorcerer, Squig Herder, Swordmaster

C&C Patch導入。

3) Morale Responsiveness - Morale abilities will now be much more responsive. These abilities will now fire immediately when activated by the player on the first attempt, and will display their cooldowns correctly at all times.


4) Root Responsiveness - We have made a number of adjustments to root spells to ensure that they break properly and feel more responsive to players. Changes include a chance to break on ANY damage including DoT damage, as well as a 5s immunity to being rooted again after the current root effect breaks.


5) Auto-Attack Animations - Improvements have been made to autoattack animations. Players will now see smoother, more consistent weapon swaps when players change from ranged to melee autoattacks, and vice versa.

6) Ability Activation Responsiveness - The responsiveness of ability activations has been improved. Players will now see less of a delay between the activation of an ability and the corresponding animation.

7) Guild Promotion/Demotion - Fixes have been made to issues which were causing guild promotion and demotion not to work properly.

8) User Interface - Numerous fixes to the UI.

This patch is truly the "Combat and Careers" patch that we have been talking about for many weeks. There are a ton of changes and bug fixes in this patch as you will see in the full patch notes. Linkage to the full patch notes: http://herald.warhammeronline.com/warherald/NewsArticle.war?id=477

So, as usual, we're happy to thank those members of the community who participated in helping us test, iterate and refine 1.0.6 through feedback as well as playing on our PTS! We hope you continue to do so going forward as we've got a ton of stuff in and coming down the pipeline.


Patch 1.0.6 (Part 1) - Arrives 12/2/08!
Patch 1.0.6 (Part 2) - Arrives 12/2/08!
The update you've all been waiting for, 1.0.6, is almost here! We wanted to thank everyone who tested and provided feedback on this update's content.

On Tuesday, 12/2/08 all servers will be brought offline to begin the update. North American servers will be brought down at 6:30AM EST with Oceanic servers to follow at 9:00AM EST.

This is our biggest update yet! It's chock-full of exciting career changes and heralds the debut of the highly anticipated Black Guard and Knight of the Blazing Sun careers. If you've finished the Heavy Metal event and have opened your Heavy Metal Chest, then you will be able to play a Black Guard and Knight of the Blazing Sun when this patch goes live (before anyone else!). For those of you who did not complete the Heavy Metal event, don't fret! You, too, will be able to play these two new careers starting next week.

Tester Forumより


Evening folks,

At this time we are locking the feedback threads in preperation for our final review passes on all of the careers. We will be leaving the bug report forums open for each career to continue to catch any bugs players find. That being said please do not post feedback in those forums.

Thank you again for all of your feedback, this Public test has been very valuable to us and has generated alot of good feedback on all careers. With your help we've been able to identify a number of things we'd like to continue to address in both the short and the long term.




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Order has no healers because of Witch Elfs

OrderにHealerが居ないのはWitchElfのせい。っていうVN BoardのThread

Our guild cannot keep any healers, they all quit or re-roll because they say they are sick of getting ganked by witch elfs before they can even get a few heals off.

Currently healers can not even heal themselves enough to stay alive a few seconds for the team to respond. Most healers do no not find this entertaining or amusing.

Please take this serious Mythic, we are having a real hard time finding players that want to play healers.

Its a big issue.




RVR Performance Updates


RVR Performance Updates

それと前後して社長がVN Boardでコメントしてる。


Yesterday I talked about the two major issues regarding the taking of a fortress. Here's a quick update:

1) Some (hopefully all) of the causes of the crashes/performance issues that have occurred during some sieges have been identified. Both are linked to the number of people who are involved in the events. Last night for example we had about 800 people descend on one fortress at the same time. The results of that were indeed a crash unfortunately. Of course, an 800 person battle is certainly large-scale and epic RvR and shows that lots of people are out on the servers engaging in oRvR.

Server Crushの原因は特定できた。昨晩は一個のFortressに800人以上いた。

2) The team is working on a server-side fix to solve the crashing issue(s) while we are also looking at whether a 800+ person fortress battle is doable even under the best of conditions.


3) As I expected, some of the performance issues were indeed client-side and the team is readying a patch which we hope will fix a bug which was the major cause of unusually low framerate/lag in large-scale RvR. We hope the patch will go up today and if it does what we expect it to do, it should help in all RvR and not just large scale RvR.


So, that's the quick update.




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