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Patch 1.10d - Arrives Tomorrow, 12/19!


Patch 1.10d - Arrives Tomorrow, 12/19!

Tomorrow morning we will be bringing you Patch 1.10d, which contains two fixes that will improve your open RvR performance and progress. We want to thank you all for your patience as we work to make your holidays in WAR a season to remember! If you haven't already, be sure to check out the Happy Holidays message from Mythic's VP/GM, Mark Jacobs and the Keg End festivities info!

1.1.0d will be going live Friday, 12/19. All North American servers will be brought down at 7:00 AM EST with Oceanic servers to follow at 9:00 AM EST. We expect all servers to be back up and running by 1:00 PM EST.

As always stay tuned to the Herald for the latest news and updates and continue reading for the 1.1.0d Patch Notes...WAAAGH!!!

Realm vs Realm
  • Guild Standards will now affect up to a maximum of 36 players at a time. Previously this number was not capped, causing deployed Guild Standards to potentially have an adverse effect on game performance in large-scale open RvR battles.

  • Fixed an issue which caused Scenarios that contribute to the Tier 4 High Elf vs. Dark Elf campaign to not properly contribute toward zone control.


VN Boardに4日ぶりに社長が投稿してた。このThread。

Our client crashes (CTDs), are now at their lowest point at any time during development or since we’ve gone LIVE. Over the last couple of weeks we cut the number of CTDs down by 75% across all players in North America.


In terms of fortress takes and their affect on server stability, we have had only one server that has crashed due to a fortress take in North America since Monday (and that was on a server that had the older code).


we have fixed the problems that came about after the 1.1 patch and we will continue to work on this issue with additional patches today and tomorrow.


We’re going to increase the rest experience multiplier bonus in a hotfix today as well as reducing the time that it takes you to earn rested xp while logged out of the game, especially in Tiers 3 and 4. This will result in players’ time to level being approximately 10% faster in Tier 2 and 20% faster in Tiers 3 and 4.

祝日という事で、今日のHotfixでRest bonusが増やされて、それによってT2は10%、T3,T4は20%早くLeveling出来るようになるらしいー。たぶん。

Happy Holidays from all of us at Mythic Entertainment. Please have a safe and fun holiday season whether your travels are in our Warhammer world or in the real world.



Hot FIxes - 12/17/2008

moraleのCrowd control abilityにも無効Timerがついた。

Hot FIxes - 12/17/2008

We have two Hot Fixes for you this evening, one of which will have a noticeable impact on Realm vs. Realm combat.

Combat and Careers

We are making a change to the way in which morale abilities interact with crowd control immunities. Starting now, morale abilities are no longer exempt from crowd-control immunity timers. Crowd control immunity now applies to all player abilities, whether used from the action bar or the morale bar.

See below for a detailed list of the morale abilities that are affected by this change.

  • Unstoppable: Now makes the player immune to crowd control effects instead of reducing their duration. The following Morale abilities are affected this change:
Magic DPS Careers
  • Scintillating Energy
  • Unleash the Winds
Ranged DPS Careers
  • Point Blank:
  • Arcane Suppression
Black Guard
  • Away, Cretins!
  • In Malekith's Name
Black Orc
  • Deafening Bellow!
  • In Malekith's Name!
Bright Wizard
  • Magic Dart
  • Ruin and Destruction
Disciple of Khaine
  • Universal Confusion
  • Vision of Torment
  • Cannon Smash
  • Rock Clutch
Knight of the Blazing Sun
  • No Escape
  • Energy Ripple
Shadow Warrior
  • Instill Fear
  • Vision of Torment
  • Fist of Gork
  • Crippling Terror
  • Paralyzing Nightmares
  • Whirling Geyser
Warrior Priest
  • Divine Amazement
White Lion
  • Ensnare
Witch Hunter
  • Reversal of Fortune
  • Suppressing the Fragile Unbelievers
  • Tzeentch's Scream

Patch 1.10c - Arrives Tomorrow, 12/17!

あーもーまた今晩もDown。1.1.0c(Keg End event)だそうで、21時からDownで3時Up予定。

Patch 1.10c - Arrives Tomorrow, 12/17!

1.1.0c will be here tomorrow, and with it we bring you some short but sweet notes that include a number of important fixes that our players have been requesting. We're dedicated to bringing you even more enhancements to in-game content and overall game performance to ensure that your holidays in WAR are some of the best times yet! And don't forget about the Keg End event, starting tomorrow!

1.1.0c will be going live Wednesday, 12/17. All North American servers will be brought down at 7:00 AM EST with Oceanic servers to follow at 9:00 AM EST. We expect all servers to be back up and running by 1:00 PM EST.

As always stay tuned to the Herald for the latest news and updates and continue reading for the 1.1.0c Patch Notes...WAAAGH!!!

On Your Guard!: This ability will now damage a target a maximum of once every two seconds. This applies to instances of multiple Knights casting this aura in the same party.



Full List of CC Effects in WAR

WHAにDest, Order両陣営の各Careerがもっているcrowd control(CC)をList upしたThreadが出来ていた。このThread.


Destruction summary comes to this:
Total CCs: 88+ (Depending on how you view WE Tactic)
Average CC # per Class: 8
Total Snares: 19
Total Disarms: 5
Total Silences: 12
Total Knockdowns: 19+
Total Knockbacks: 21
Total Roots: 10
Total Pull Ins: 2


VN BoardでKotBSの所謂ダメージシールドOYGのStackについてMythicのAndyさんがコメントしてた。このThread。

To clarify:

As this skill is now, this is the intended application. While other damage shields, such as the Bright Wizard's Flame Shield, will overwrite each other when used by multiple casters, OYG is fundamentally different. Please keep in mind that this may be reevaluated in the future, however at this time it is...

and you thought I was going to say those words didn't you?

Tester Forumで言われてたのと同じで、今はStackするのが仕様という回答。でも今後修正があるようなニュアンスをちらつかせている。

As some of you may have guessed, I am monitoring this thread for further feedback regarding this concern, and your feedback will be communicated to the C&C team. While I know that the answer I gave may not be what some players want to hear, it is the current state of OYG. Again, as all careers/abilities are, this is always up for evaluation.


Patch 1.1.0b - Arrives Tomorrow, 12/16!


Patch 1.1.0b - Arrives Tomorrow, 12/16!

1.1.0b is almost here, and while the notes may not be very long there are some great fixes that make a lot of significant improvements to the game. We've got some additional fixes in the wings so stay tuned for more as we continue to work on enhancing content and improving stability!

1.1.0b will be going live Tuesday, 12/16. All North American servers will be brought down at 7AM EST with Oceanic servers to follow at 9AM EST. We expect all servers to be back up and running by 1PM EST.

As always stay tuned to the Herald for the latest news and updates and continue reading for the 1.1.0b Patch Notes...WAAAGH!!!

Hanging at load screens

Load画面で止まってしまう問題があるようで、それについてVN Boardで社長が答えてた。このThread。


Okay, the team has identified the problem and are working on a fix today. We hope it will go in along with 1.1B this week.

Again, thanks for all the help, the team does appreciate it.




WAR Live Event: Keg End


WAR Live Event: Keg End
December 17th - January 5th


Basic - Exclusive in-game title "The Drunkard"
Advanced - Unique Stein Trophy
Elite - The Last Call Keg (returns the player to the City Pub)

Rare World Drop - The Battlebrew Backpack (one for each tier in which they are found)



VN Boardで取得RPについて社長が答えててた。このThread。



The renown bug is not fixed yet. The fix is currently up on our internal test server and we hope to move it to LIVE either tomorrow or most likely, early next week.



I was told that it was a two-step fix but they may have rolled it all up in this patch early this morning. I'll check with the team.



As I thought, the 1 RP gain bug has not been fixed in this version. That note was intended for the next version (the 1.1A <-> 1.1B thing) of the game and it was left in by mistake. Sorry for the confusion.




FYI, I'm reviewing the fix to the RP formula and once we finalize it, I'll write something up about how the fix will affect RP earned from killing other players. It certainly won't result in what was a 1RP reward going to 3RP (and it won't be 2 either) for solo kills of other players, it will be a bit higher than that. 



At the risk of derailing the interpersonal hate, I've been reviewing the renown points that will be awarded with the fix. Here's some basic details and a couple of examples:

1) The system is intended to function in a similar DAoC's level and RR differential worked for solo kills.

2) If a level 40, 10+RR kills a level 1, the level 40 will receive 11 RPs. This *should* be the lowest amount awarded for any 1 on 1 kills (though it should also unlock a ToK "Shame on you!" (but it doesn't) 

3) If level 40 RR1 player kills a level 18 RR1 player, the level 40 gets 70 Renown. This is just a wee bit more than the 1 RP you would get awarded under the current system.

Keep in mind that in order to make it less rewarding for player to try to "game" the system, if a player is killed repeatedly in a short amount of time, he will be worth less each time.

That's where it stands right now. Further tweaking is possible (and likely) going forward but I think it represents a major improvement from where the system is now. We will post more details when the change is ready to go but with this change, killing players for renown gain should be more rewarding than ever. Enjoy!



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